Marion Foster reports:

The 2nd Bishopstone Fete was again another great success… with a few marked differences. Unlike last years fete, the weather was definitely not with us this year. My memory of the 2011 fete will be filled with a picture of Fete committee and helpers on the morning, standing in the refreshments tent and it absolutely pouring down with rain, holding onto to tent as it was in danger of blowing away! Fortunately the rain did stop just before 1pm but came back again just as the fete was finishing.

Ali and Lee had done a brilliant job on Friday getting the field ready for the event. We had planned for many more activities this year but unfortunately due to the high winds and rain a number of these including the kiddie’s fun slide and bungey jump were cancelled at late notice. However we are thankful to Adrian for still managing to supply the merry go round for the children’s enjoyment.

Many more hot drinks versus cold were sold this year by Graham Dimmer and crew, managing to make a profit of £103.00 just from tea, coffee and cakes. Fantastic! The burgers were of their usual high quality and Margaret, Graham, Stan and Maddie were on hand to make sure a swift service ensued plus netting £108.00 in the process, thank you.

Once the Downton Band had pegged down their sheet music (!), we were treated to two 45 minute sessions of lovely traditional brass band material, including the Morcambe and Wise song ‘Bring me Sunshine’ which made me smile. Where would we be now without a dancing session with the carnival club? How funny was it to see so many people trying to follow the dance routines in the middle of a field, especially tinkle toes Alistair Cotton who is getting better and better year on year!!

Over 75% of our stalls were run by people from Bishopstone and I think it is terrific to see so many local people involved. I would like to thank everyone who contributed in some way, either by providing a cake, helping us set up, giving ‘stuff’ to the bric-a- brac to sell, running a stall (especially the guys up the far end of the field and who got blown to pieces!) the list goes on….

Having counted the contributions so far, before expenses we have raised £1071.21 which is incredible, especially given the weather conditions. So far we have decided to donate £500.00 to The Bishopstone Church and will be holding on to some monies to fund the next event, possibly to celebrate the Golden Jubilee.

Finally, thank you once again to a terrific committee, John, Ali, Lee, Graham, Margaret, Madeline, Linda and Jo for all your hard work and commitment. It is a pleasure.

Marion Foster