Bish Bash Country Fayre 11th June 2016

Hi Folks, me again. When thinking about writing up this year’s Bish Bash I was in danger of a cut and paste moment from last years write up and to see if anyone noticed!

I am really pleased with how this event continues to evolve and maintain its success. Did you know that we have been running the summer Bish Bashes for 6 years now, (how time flies) and from remembering the first one with the Carnival Club, The Downton Band and the broken tug of war rope to where we are today seems like an age ago.

As usual, we always have the essence of the Bish Bash in mind but try to bring something new to each event. I think the Falconry was a very interesting addition even though the first display was somewhat disrupted when the kestrel decided to go on fly about and ended up at the top of the Drove! (He was recovered some hours later). I have never seen someone try to keep a display going without a bird, but he did somehow.

The secret is now out that I am a Morris dancer. I started dancing last October to keep fit and to do something a bit different. I must say it has ticked both boxes for me and I love it! It was the worlds best secret, no one from the Bish Bash team knew either, how funny it was to see Lee and Carole’s faces especially, mouthing something like ‘what the hell is she doing now’.

We are very pleased to be able to donate some money to the Salisbury Hospice this year. After the sad passing of Jo Sexton, we asked Chris to nominate a charity that was close to Jo’s heart, hence the hospice. I know you will all join me in noting that this is a worthy charity and a fitting donation for someone who we all held dear and who was so committed to Bishopstone.

The picnic in the park before the Bish Bash drew a number of villagers, not quite so many as we had hoped for but those who were there enjoyed the delights of the Hyde Band who gave their time for a slab of cider! Roger Stockton and friends won the prize for the best dressed table, with how many there were on his table, my guessing is that they would only get an egg cup of champagne each..

The Yokels kept us entertained around the busy timings of the ring events, always bringing a smile to people’s faces and the raffle was bigger than ever. Thank you all for donating such wonderful items, this really helps to replenish the financial pot, ready for next year.

Without being blasé, I want to thank, once again the Bish Bash team for all the commitment and hard work in making this event the success it is. We are still a small team; however we have recruited Bish Bashetts to run certain elements of the fayre, if you would like to join us we are always looking for volunteers to help in any way you can.

Next year I will particularly be looking for volunteers to help clear the field the day after the event. The Bish Bash team were exhausted on Sunday morning and some extra pairs of hands would be greatly appreciated!

As usual the top highlights of the day

  • A falconry display without a falcon!
  • My maiden voyage as a Morris dancer
  • The Hyde band, I only expect half a dozen members, a full band was a real treat
  • The Total Wipeout kiddie’s attraction and the queues for it!
  • Chris Sexton being there running the tombola
  • The numbers of people, especially as it coincided with lots of other Queen celebration events
  • Margret giving her whole afternoon to folding raffle tickets – thanks Margret
  • Your generosity, the raffle went on and on and on!
  • The weather, who said that it was not divine intervention!
  • A lovely day seemed to be had by all - perfect

Best wishes

Photographs courtesy of Andrew Chorley