The Community Response Group are available to assist in an community emergency situation.

Parish Council
John Gibbon
Phone: 01722 718551
email: john.gibbon2@btinternet.com

Parish Clerk
Mike Ash
Phone: 01722 781044
email: bishopstoneclerk@btinternet.com

Emergency Planning Coordinator 
Piers Edwards
Phone: 01722 780079
email: piersedwards@gmail.com

Flood Warden(East)
Michael Pratt
Phone: 07798607742
email: michael.pratt56@outlook.com

Flood Warden(West)
Nigel Peasley
Phone: 01722 780713
email: nigel.peasley@gmail.com

Area Representatives

Croucheston – The area south of the river from the Corn Mill to Croucheston Farm
Jerry Smith
Phone: 01722 780625
email: jerry.smith@ramehead.co.uk

Flamstone – Flamstone Street from Flamstone Park to junction with Bridge Road and The Alley
Ian Jones
Phone: 01722 781169
email: I.L.J@btinternet.com

Netton West- The Alley, Netton Island, Netton St, Stanley Close, Butt Lane
Norman Barter
Phone: 01722 780471
email: normanchalkefish@mac.com

Netton East- The Croft, Harvest Lane, The Styles and Pitts Lane from the Netton Cottage down to Pitts Cottage
Les Smith
Phone:01722 780761
email: lesvsmith@gmail.com

Faulston - Faulston House and Faulston Cottages inc E Faulston Cottages
Sarah Blank
Phone: 01722 780664
email: sarah_w_blank@mac.com
Neil Donnelly
Phone: 01722 780668
email: neildonnelly497@btinternet.com

Throope – Throope Manor, Mill Lane, Church Lane, Manor Farm, Raglands
Suzanne Foster
Phone: 01722718747 / 07881343973
Email: northbarn@icloud.com

Flood Wardens:
Two Flood Wardens are nominated. Michael Pratt will look after the area of Netton East, Faulston, The High Road and Throope. Nigel Peasley will look after the area of Croucheston, Flamstone and Netton West. The bridges at Faulston, inclusive to Chris Sexton, divide this responsibility.

Area Representatives:
In the absence of an Area Representative, please contact the Emergency Planning Coordinator, the Chairman or Clerk of the Parish Council who will make alternative arrangements to assist you.