The car park was finally re-surfaced with tarmac in late 2018. We now have a flat surface that can be walked upon with ease and it drains to the south. The entrance drive has also been enhanced with a level incline also finished in tarmac. Job done!2016 ACTIVITY - FURTHER FURTHER IMPROVEMENTS

As at February 2016 it has been decided to go forward to raise funding for the Village Hall Car Park. There is a clear need to resurface the carpark which, though significantly better than it was in 2011, should ideally have a better surface than it does at present. Such a project will not be cheap. As a result, a plan for this Nominated Redevelopment Project is being put in place.

The initial step is to produce a 5 Year Business Plan to set objectives and targets. Updates will follow.


We have installed a new Air Source Heat Pump into the Memorial Room to replace the out of date IR heating system.



Work on the village hall car park took place in the period 2-3 March 2012. See before and after photos below.



PictureThe redecorated Main Hall with seating for 80 plus.Picture

THE DUST HAS SETTLED AND THE HALL HAS OPENED..................................

The refurbished hall is now open for business as (hopefully) everyone is aware. The new facilities are already proving very popular and lots of events have either happened already or have been booked. What then for the future and what needs to be done next...................?

There are two major tasks facing us for the future.

The car park needs resurfacing, however this is likely to involve major expenditure. A recent meeting of the Trustees decided to consider a short term, but relatively cheap, solution by applying a layer of scalpings to the surface with the intention to then raise sufficient capital funding to skim the car park, lay a membrane and apply a suitable covering along with proper drainage and edging and a surfaced entrance drive. This more permanent solution will need us to raise a large sum of money and inevitably this means applying for more grant aid, which is not a short process. Nevertheless in order to realise the full potential of the hall it is something that must be done.

In addition the west wall of the hall, the one facing Butt Lane, needs repointing and the roof timbers need their ends replacing, repainting and the fitting of soffits. Though this may not seem to be of as high a priority as the car park, you can be assured that it is!

Meanwhile in the next few weeks the store room floor is being sealed and the Main Hall floor is being refurbished in early March so we are not being idle!Picture

We were granted funding from the Big Lottery Fund Reaching Communities Programme on 18 May 2011 and this in combination with money from other grant funders, our own hall funds and generous pledges from many in the village will now allow the programme to proceed!!!!!!!
As the Refurbishment Project progresses I will update this page to let you know what has happened on a regular basis and what is planned for the next few weeks.

PictureThe closing down BBQ prior to the Film Night - June 2011.PROJECT DIARY/ACTIVITIES - The Project Management Blog



I have not given this week a rating as, though the builders have moved out, there are three outstanding items before I am willing to accept the hall back from the builders.

First, the lighting recommended for the kitchen and servery is not bright enough. The electricians are therefore replacing it, hopefully next week, with stronger illumination. I have been keen to avoid any structural alterations to the kitchen and servery ceilings so there has been some considerable debate over acceptable solutions.

Second, the fire shutters. These were fitted during the week BUT they are incorrect. What has been fitted are fire curtains NOT fire shutters. The builders have accepted that someone got it wrong - I hope to meet Mr Someone one of these days. The properly specified shutters are being ordered and will be with us soon, about 5 weeks, meanwhile the incorrect fittings will stay until the replacements arrive and are fitted.

Third, the special floor covering in the kitchen and servery still has to be laid. The reason for the delay is that we are waiting for the humidity level of the screed to drop to an acceptable level. The heating is on and there is very little we can do except wait. The builders estimate about 2 weeks so it should be done by the opening day.

We now await confirmation from Building Control that the refurbished hall can be opened to the public.

Finally the painters complete their work on Monday 14 November and the hall will be finished!

The Management Committee team will move in by mid week and start to get everything back in place ready for the official opening. Instructions for new equipment, fire orders, cleaning windows, polishing floors and labelling switches are but a few of the last minute things to be done.

Unless there are any major problems this is likely to be by last weekly report. May I use this blog as a chance to thank all my fellow committee members for their support through the years of fund raising and the months of the rebuild. If I have been ill humoured on occasion please put it down to frustration in trying to ensure the rebuilt hall is to the standard you all expect.

All I hope is that the work and effort that has gone into the refurbishment over the last 4+ months will be used for the benefit of everyone in the village - it is your village hall so come and use it. Thank you.

Roger Stockton


Everything is very nearly finished. The electrics have been fully tested, the kitchen is nearing completion and the decorators have arrived to paint the Main Hall and Memorial Room. Gutter guard has been fitted to the gutters which were filling with leaves.

So what is left to do?

The fire shutters still have to be fitted and tested, the flooring has to be fitted to the kitchen and servery and the decorators have another weeks work. Once this is complete Building Control will need to approve all the work that has been done and the site will be formally handed back to the Management Committee. There is then further work preparing the hall for you!!

Instructions have to be written, furniture moved back on site and the everything sorted out for the Opening Day on 3 December.

In the meantime we prepare the snagging list of minor aspects to be corrected. Hopefully next week's report will be my last as Project Manager of the refurbishment and you will all be able to see a revitalised hall at long last.

PictureThe servery nears completion.PictureThe ceiling gets its first coat.


A very busy week with all trades on site. By the end of this week all the plumbing work has been completed. The immersion heaters are connected to the new hot water tank, the water softener is fitted and the salt has arrived to commission it in due course.

The electrician continues to connect the system, with the odd problem. The new heaters for the kitchen and servery are in place. Power is on and all lighting is working. Alex, our heating engineer comes next week to service and recommission the Air Source Heat Pump. This will mean that the painters, who arrive next week have warmth to dry the redecoration of the Main Hall and the Memorial Room.

The kitchen fit continues and tiles are due to be fitted on Tuesday next week.

Drainage of rain-water is now complete to the soakaways - though we do seem to have a leaf problem that some Gutter Guard should solve.

The hall remains off limits until sign over and redecoration is complete.

I anticipate that Castleway will complete on site within 10 days, probably a working week behind schedule, which is not too bad. The delay in receipt of the shutters for the servery and the kitchen is the sole reason for this.

Now we need to start producing simple instructions so everyone knows how everything works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PictureEnd of new extension with render finish and scaffolding removed.PictureEntrance to car park with servery on left and posts to prevent impact on walls and drains.


There have been some very notable changes this week and, dare I say it, the end is in sight.

The biggest visual difference is due to the application of K-Rend to the outside walls of the new build. This is blend of silicate, lime and admixtures with an additional colour additive and gives a fresh and bright appearance to the exterior of the new build. We have tried to match, as near as possible, the render colour to that of the wall to Old Netton Farmhouse at the bottom of Butt Lane.

The plumber has done his first fix and the runs of piping are in place ready for the immersion heater tank and taps. Meanwhile the electrician is battling with the mass (or should I say mess) of old wiring and the reconnection of supplies to the new distribution board. The fact that odd bits of electrics have been added over many years does not make his task easier.

Inside, James Price is fitting the kitchen cabinets and equipment. They have to be in place over the weekend and we owe a tremendous vote of thanks to James for volunteering to do this work for us. As this has been proceeding, the inside of the new extension has had its first coats of paint. It is very noticeable how bright and airy it has all become.

I have been asked by Castleway to remind people that the Village Hall site has been signed over to them and they control that site until it is formally handed back to us. Much as folk are curious to see what is happening, the area is off limits unless you are working on the site and in that case the dreaded H&S rules apply to all and Castleway can be stopped from working if they fail to adhere to them - so please be patient - it won't be long! If necessary, please contact me and I can arrange for you to escorted onto the site if there is a valid reason.

We expect Southern Electric to reconnect our power supply in the middle of next week, by which time the lighting will have been completed. The new doors will be fitted during the week as well and, hopefully, the new floor covering will be fitted.

Once Castleway sign over the rebuild to us, there will be the redecoration of the Main Hall and Memorial Room to be completed, the commissioning of all equipment and the production of instructions for and training on that equipment.

Onwards and Upwards!!

PictureThe render finish to the outside of the new extension.PictureWork in progress on the kitchen installation.

WEEK ENDING 14 OCTOBER (D+117) *****

Another good week that has brought the project right back towards programmed time. The floor screed was done very effectively - a very nice finish. The finishing of the electrical first fix, all the cabling, fire alarm and socket points was completed. This then allowed the counter supports for the kitchen and servery hatches to be made and the door frames and shutter frames to be fixed in place.

The roof insulation was fitted and with three separate layers (see photo below) the new build should be warm and comfortable in the future. The new build is light and airy. The plaster boarding was put in place on Friday by a team of 5 so that over the weekend the plastering will be almost done with completion on Tuesday next week. The end result is that work is now progressing rapidly towards completion. I would hope that the builders will be out of the hall by early November - about a week behind schedule.

The kitchen cabinets arrived on Friday morning and we expect the rest of the kitchen equipment, cooker etc at the end of next week - our timescale not the supplier's timescale this time!

Painters have been to estimate, quotations will be compared and colour schemes are being chosen.

Finally can I thank the gardening team for clearing and cutting on Saturday at a time when we should have all been watching the Rugby World Cup.

Everyone wants to know - when will the hall be opening? As I have said the builders should be out of the building by early November. The painting of the Main Hall and Memorial Room will then take place along with all the re-positioning of sound absorption boards. There will be a need for a general tidy up and completing all the essentials, like instructions for equipment usage, new fire orders and other "how to" guides. So the plan is for an Open Day on Saturday 3rd December and a full programme of events after that.

Some extra pictures this week.

PictureInsulation to the ceiling and plaster-boarding on the wall of the servery.PicturePlaster-boarded servery.
PictureAn indication of the total thickness of roof insulation from outer on right to inner on left.PictureReady to get plastered!!


The whole of the new extension is now roofed and the building is weather and waterproof. All the slating was finished earlier in the week. The next day the weather changed for the worst.

The electricians are now well into "first fix" and the mass of cables running through the whole hall are being traced and rationalised. The problem of an old building is trying to discover what some long forgotten piece of cable actually did BEFORE you put 240v down it! We are well into positioning of switches and sockets.

The internal doorways are now in position and next week should see the insulation of the new roof and plastering carried out.

Some essential equipment is starting to arrive and the order for the cabinets and cupboards goes in next week. There is a very quick turn round time on this which will allow the trial assembly of the kitchen to begin.

Finally, the screed floor has been laid throughout the new extension. This is a fast drying product so there will be no hold up in activity as it will harden over the weekend. All in all - a good week; BY NEXT WEEKEND WE HOPE TO HAVE A DEFINITIVE END DATE FOR THE PROJECT.

PictureThe screed floor in the kitchen and store.PictureView from the Memorial Room into the new servery, with the new door into the hall on the right of the picture.


Another good week for progress, helped by the fine weather. The team of roofers have now roofed the store and kitchen. The new slates look very smart and the obscured glass in the velux lights and the windows diffuse the light, making the kitchen and store quite light.

Chris the bricklayer and his team have added the brickwork up to the roof line, with a super matching of brickwork and mortar at the eastern end. Meanwhile JP and Mike the carpenter have built the roof of the servery, the area giving us some problems, and the roofers have laid the felt and battens ready to slate this roof early next week. The extension will then be fully water and weatherproof - probably just in time.

Electrical and mechanical first fix and plastering are due to start next week and we would also expect the supports for the kitchen and servery counters to be started. The water tank with immersion heaters and the water softener are also expected to appear.

The screeding to the floors throughout the new build should be done next week as well. Once this has been done we should have an indication of completion date. There have been some delays but we are anxious to get the hall and Memorial Room decorated.

One of the madder moments this week was when suppliers tried to deliver the cooker, which is probably a 4-5 man lift, before we wanted it. As there was no access to the hall the delivery man conveniently left it at the end of the drive. It has now been returned to sender!!

PictureSlate work on kitchen and store on a fine day.PictureCompleted kitchen roof looking east.


Another good week!! Once the roof beams were in place, providing we had good weather, which we did, progress was going to be reasonably rapid. By the end of the week the felt and battens were fitted on the roof of the store and the kitchen. The roof Velux lights and the windows and the outside door were fitted. All the barge boards on this part of the roof are now complete and next week the roof of the servery/bar will be constructed. This has caused us some problems and has resulted in a redesign of our original solution but it should look good.

Building Control have visited the site - so far so good.

We are now preparing to call forward the kitchen fittings and discuss our choice of paint colours for both the new build and the main hall and Memorial Room.

By next week end I would hope all the tiles will be in place and the new build totally weather-proof prior to internal work starting.

PictureRoofing felt and battens in position.PictureRoof over the kitchen with the roofing gang at work.


What a difference a week makes. Despite delays in the early part of the week the roof timbers of the store room and kitchen are now in place. The kitchen layout has been drawn on the floor of the main hall so that a trial fit can be done once the kitchen fittings arrive. We have a further meeting to confirm the M&E work (plumbing and electrics) early next week. Battens and roof felt should start to be put in place next week.

PictureRoof timbers over the kitchen and store with the spaces for the velux windows.PictureAnother view from the end of the servery.


An equally bad week. Due to supply problems beyond my control, the roof timbers arrived on Friday - at last. This has meant that there has been a complete working week with no on-site activity. We have been promised extra carpenters by the middle of next week to attempt to catch up some time. If this happens then the roof beams will begin to be put in place.

A solution to the roof problem to the servery will be confirmed next week.


Not a good week. The builders have had problems interpreting the drawings and finding the correct angles for the pitch of the roof, in particular that between servery and meeting room. There have been numerous site meetings to solve this problem, which has significantly delayed roof timbers arriving. They are now not expected until the middle of next week, which effectively creates a delay and loses the excellent weather window that we have had. Some tiles have been stripped from the roof.


It was all going so well!

Our main problem has been the effects of weather - should we have expected an English summer to be any different?

The servery beam has been installed, all the brickwork around the three new openings into the extension have been completed and the second doorway from the meeting room into the main hall has been cut. The frames for this door and the opening into the storeroom have been put in place.

Quite sensibly we have delayed stripping the tiles off the main hall roof over a long weekend as the weather looks so bad but the effect this has is to push the project completion back by another week. However the next week should see this activity beginning and the new roof timbers for the store and kitchen extension be put into place. So no photo this week as there is not much to show.


Just about half way.

The build is going quite well at the moment. I would estimate that we are still no more than a week behind schedule at the moment, despite the weather and bricklayer’s cars breaking down.

As you may have seen or in the picture below, the walls are now up to full height, less the angled end sections, with the window apertures defined. The plate (what the roof timbers rest on) is in place and we should start removing some of the tiles next week in order to put the new timbers for the roof of the extension into position.

All of the openings into the hall have been cut and support steels are in place over the store entrance and the kitchen entrance into the main hall. The servery beam will be installed next week after a discussion with the structural engineer. The steel beam will be supported on padstones but will also be bolted to the old timber beam over what was the bar.

We have had a very good meeting with the plumbing and electrical contractor. The plumbing is straightforward.
The electrics are more complicated. We have a provisional sum for this in the building contract but I do want him to see under the roof of both the main hall and the meeting room when the roof tiles are removed, as this will give him a much better idea of the potential problems he/we may have.

The roof lights have arrived and have obscured glass in them as requested. We are also looking into decoration, bollards to protect the wall and drains on the route into the car park and matching doors for the NW fire exit from the main hall.

Next week should see the final lintel fitted, more scaffolding erected, roof tiles removed and roof timber work started.

PictureOpening for the kitchen door and hatch - not in final format!!PictureVillage Hall with view of the extension at full wall height.


Like the Curates Egg - good in parts. Frustration at the beginning of the week as we were short of two bricklayers but by the end of the week we had caught up with the schedule for the week. The walls of the hall are now complete to top of the window level. The additional scaffolding arrived on Friday and was erected. The breakthrough into the hall for the servery opening and the storeroom doors was completed.

The layout for the kitchen and servery has been marked out and a meeting with plumber and electrician is due next week.

PictureStore room opening.PictureWalls to full height and break through to hall achieved.


As reported, we decided that the breakthrough to the hall for the two new hatches and doors would put back to this week

and the walls of the hall were due to be completed. Ah well, so much for a good idea!! Weather wiped out one day and the bricklayers were diverted to another job for two days. The end result was that though the scaffolding was put in place the building work slipped behind schedule - so not the most productive of weeks. Nevertheless the transfer of the kitchen design from the plans to being marked out on the walls did occur - again not without minor problems, happily resolved on site. By 12 August we would now expect all the brickwork to be complete, the blockwork above that level to be complete, all the wall insulation having been fitted. There will then be additional scaffolding fitted to take the block work up to full height and the long awaited break-through to the hall will be done.

WEEK 6 ENDING 29 JULY (D+40) *****

There has been major progress this week. The foundations were backfilled. The surface under the floor area of the new build was prepared and on Thursday the slab was poured on to the insulated floor. The drainage from the new kitchen and store was positioned after some discussion with the contractor and Building Control - another satisfactory resolution. The contractors have also started positioning the rain water drains which will lead to a new soak-away under the car park.

The bricklayers have started building the walls and have already reached window aperture height.

PictureFoundations up to DPC level.PicturePositioning of kitchen drainage.
PictureInsulation and waterproofing membrane laid ready for concrete.PicturePouring the concrete slab onto the prepared site to form the base of the floor to the kitchen and servery.

WEEK 5 ENDING 22 JULY (D+33) *****

During this week the concrete for the footings was poured and the Building Inspector was very satisfied with the footings trenches. In a hundred years it will be very difficult to demolish!! This enabled the bricklayers to start construction up to DPC level. They seem to be a great group of bricklayers and have been at pains to ensure the mortar matches that on the old building.

The kitchen equipment has been ordered and paid for.

PicturePouring the footings.

WEEK 4 ENDING 15 JULY (D + 26) ****

This week went quite well!

The area was levelled as part of the site preparation and the time consuming task of measuring and marking out the foundation footprint was completed by the Site Foreman. The work on the trenches for the footings for the new extension was begun. An old bottle well was found (see below) which we assume was dug in about 1900 as a well for the hall. It had been undiscovered until the digger found it and it has now been filled in as it lay on the line of the new foundations. So all the knocking down is done - now we start to rebuild.

We have also started to place orders for the kitchen and servery fittings and equipment.

PictureThe wellPictureDigging the footings trenches.

WEEK 3 ENDING 8 JULY (D + 19) ****

This week saw the fitting of all the roof ties and gable ties in the roof space and on the end gables. This is to stabilise the structure as, over a period of time (the last 30 years) the roof has been pushing the side walls of the hall outwards, which is NOT a good thing. The remainder of the demolition was then able to take place, with the clearance of all materials from the site. The demolition company did not want to remove the old extension side walls until the roof had been stabilised. The old foundations were also removed.

PictureTie bars fitted to the scissor trusses in the roof of the main hall.PictureGable tie at west end of hall.

WEEK 2 ENDING 1 JULY (D + 12) ***

The site was totally fenced, prepared for work to begin and notices posted. The prime activity was to set up and commence demolition. As the main activity is on the southern side of the hall we hope that noise and disturbance to residents is kept to a minimum.

The demolition commenced on time and the kitchen area was knocked down. The discovery of two wasps nests, both active, concentrated minds for a while! The demolition team had concerns over the safety of the southern wall of the Main Hall and a site meeting with the structural surveyor decided to err on the side of safety. As a result the tie bars and gable ties are to be fitted before rather than immediately after the remainder of the structure is demolished. The steel fabricators came to site and measured up for the manufacture of the ties, which they fit next week. There will be 3 gable ties and 5 ties on the trusses in both rooms.PictureInitial stages of demolition, the kitchen goes! Shortly after this the demolition team requested that the tie bars should be fitted.

WEEK 1 ENDING 24 JUNE (D+5) **

This week we had:

Disconnected power and established both temporary electricity and water supply.

The site was partially fenced off with the area expanding next week. There is still access from Butt Lane through to The Croft by the public footpath.

The builders should have set up on site and demolition should have commenced on Friday, it is now due to start on Monday 27 June.

PictureClearing the hall on the 11 June 2011.PictureAt the Council Recycling Plant with a load from the hall.

WEEK ENDING 17 JUNE (D-3) ****

By the weekend we had:

Signed the contract with the builders and everything is now in place to start the project on 20 June.

The hall was cleared of everything, except the odd spider, on the weekend of 11-12 June. Thank you volunteers.

Letters were sent to all residents living close to the site to explain what will be happening. If there are any queries please ring me on 780346.

Wiltshire Council have dug a trench at the end of the car park to allow an electricity supply to be linked to the sewage treatment plant. This is purely coincidence and has nothing to do with the hall refurbishment.

WEEK ENDING 10 JUNE (D-10) ****

We did achieve the following up to 10 June:

Village Hall Refurbishment Team reviewed and approved the Building Contract less final price.

Village Hall Management Committee approved selected purchases for the kitchen, in particular all the equipment and fittings required.

Project Manager met with Builder for Contract Specification review. The final agreed price will be confirmed next week and the contract signed off.

Final discussions with Scottish and Southern Electric regarding electricity move took place satisfactorily.

We actually start on site on 20 June, with an estimated finish date of the early October. Before anyone writes that in their diaries please understand, this hall has lacked a structured preventative maintenance programme for many years, so when walls are brought down and tiles lifted we may find a few horrors. Nobody knows yet!


We hoped to achieve the following activities and these were completed:

The CDM 2007 and Topographical survey results and reports will be in. These have been satisfactorily received.

The Building Contract will be available for approval by the committee prior to being submitted to the builder with our letter of intent. This actually happens on Monday 6 June at Village Hall Management Committee Meeting.

The Project Management Plan will undergo first review. Done.

We have to finalize and cost the internal fitting and equipment layout. After a very long series of meetings we now have costed the full list of fittings and equipment. Thank you very much the Kitchen Design Team of Pat, Sue, Caroline and James. It was not an easy task and all your efforts are much appreciated.

We have a conference call with Big Lottery Fund staff. This was completed to our satisfaction. BLF are being very helpful to us.


The current programme sees the project build starting on 20 June 2011. In the last week:

· The Preliminary Project Meeting has been held with the builder

· The publicity hand outs have been issued (See this week's Salisbury Journal)

· The asbestos survey has been successfully completed and the report recieived

· The electrical disconnection and reconnection contracts have been signed and paid for

· The CDM 2007 inspection for H&S on the site has been carried out …..

· A topographical survey on the car-park and hall surround were done

· The kitchen and bar are gradually being cleared.

Refurbishment Programme – Phase 3 - start date 20 June 2011

Phase 3 of the Refurbishment Project aims to complete the rebuild and refurbishment of the structure of our Village Hall, in particular, the southern extension. This part of the building is suffering major decay and we will demolish the existing kitchen and bar and replace them with a new extension that will house a larger kitchen, a storeroom for all equipment and a new bar/servery.

Current Funding Situation

Available from Village Hall funds £20,000

Pledges given by local villagers £7,000

Grant funding already received including loan £111,000

Money available now £138,000

With this final amount of funding achieved, we will be able to carry out all of Phase 3.

Given this go-ahead the duration of Phase 3 is about 4 months, during which time the hall and car park would have to be closed completely.

The award from the Big Lottery was the culmination of finding 22 potential grant funders, completing 19 grant submissions, of which four were to the BLF, and we had a success rate to individual grant funders of 66%.

I would particularly like to thank Mike Ash who joined me and led our final BLF bid and Francis Taylor who dealt with the Village Hall Loan Fund via DEFRA

Our success with Reaching Communities is a great achievement. To put it into perspective the other winners in the SW of England were as the following list:


IDEAL Community Action Group BRISTOL

An anti drugs community group.

Creating Learning Opportunities in West Somerset SOMERSET

Learning group for young and disadvantaged.

Bournemouth People First DORSET

Advocacy group for people with learning difficulties.

YMCA South Devon DEVON

Christian Charity for the young.

Carefree – Fostering independence Cornwall CORNWALL

For young people at risk of being placed into care.


Disabled persons trust in Bristol.

Bristol Refugee Rights BRISTOL

For refugees in Bristol area.

ACTA Community Theatre Ltd BRISTOL

Touring community Theatre Group.

Home Start Exeter EXETER

Support Group for isolated/disadvantaged families.

List 1 - Other successful bidders in the South West regional area.

Please note that the Refurbishment Team is always open to ideas and comments. We welcome views from the village as the project develops. The development of the Hall into your community hub means that the hall is for everyone. Updates from the team appear in the Parish Magazine as well as on this website. If it is something immediate concerning the project, please ring Roger Stockton, the Refurbishment Project Team Leader, or leave a message on the website.Proudly powered byWeebly